Terry Sloan

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Individual therapy work is time consuming and can be expensive. Lots of clients ask: “How can I get the most out of therapy?” Or even “Isn’t there something I can do on my own? Before deciding if I even want an appointment?” Additionally, there are lots of people who are disinterested in individual therapy for various reasons.
These workshops are aimed at guiding both groups into the research, books, and online resources available to them. They can stand-alone as resource guides, or function as support for individual therapy.

Why participate in a workshop?

No workshop is based on any ONE person’s work, even my own thoughts and insights; they are a culmination of literature and research, unavailable from any one source. Combining content from various writers and researchers gives a more complete look at the topic being studied. These workshops begin the process for you, the client, and offer multiple paths for you to do self-exploration on any given part of the subject covered.

Each workshop’s content is the very best I can find about that particular topic at this particular time. Which, many times naturally, leads into other topics and other workshops. I try to keep the most up-to-date literature review possible in my workshop bibliography so you can explore confidently on your own or with your own therapist.

The Real Q&A Section

The Real Q&A is comprised of a blend of questions presented by real users, like yourself, which I answer personally twice weekly. Many times reading questions others raise allows us to gain a better grasp of the material, and to better apply the material to our own situations.
If you submit a question, please know that your anonymity will be protected as the question will be combined with other similar questions and answered as specifically as possible given that combination.

Workshop Content

It’s recommend that you complete any given workshop within 6 weeks, keeping in mind that you can revisit or start from the beginning whenever you like. (The face-to-face schedule is four 90-minute sessions over the course of five weeks.) This schedule is based on client experiences and is set to ensure you get the benefit of covering all of the content, even if you come back to parts to go into more detail.