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The Divorce Remedy

Michele Weiner Davis goes beyond her marriage-saving bestseller, Divorce Busting, with this empowering and encouraging guide for revitalizing marriage and building stronger, more loving bonds. In a down-to-earth style that is free of psychobabble, Weiner Davis outlines a realistic, solution-oriented seven-step program for managing marital problems, which, when left unchecked, can drain the life out of a relationship. Using revealing anecdotes and in-depth case studies, she illustrates practical ways for marriage partners to

  • avoid the “divorce trap”
  • identify specific marriage-saving goals
  • move beyond ineffective, hurtful ways of interacting
  • become an expert on “doing what works”
  • overcome infidelity, Internet obsessions, depression, sexual problems, and midlife crises
  • get your marriage back on track — and keep it there

Rescue your marriage with the proven techniques of The Divorce Remedy — sound, sensible advice from a renowned relationship expert!

Divorce Remedy